Seun Kuti Questions Authenticity of Forbes Billionaire List Amidst Pandemic


Afrobeat sensation Seun Kuti has cast doubt on the credibility of Forbes magazine’s recently released 2024 billionaire list, which showcases the world’s wealthiest individuals. According to Forbes, the top five richest individuals include France’s fashion magnate Bernard Arnault ($233 Billion), along with American tycoons Elon Musk ($195 Billion), Jeff Bezos ($194 Billion), Mark Zuckerberg ($177 Billion), and Larry Ellison ($141 Billion).

The list reveals a staggering increase in wealth for these individuals, totaling a combined $869 billion since the onset of the COVID-19 lockdown. However, Kuti has vehemently contested the authenticity of these figures, asserting that such exponential wealth accumulation is implausible.

Taking to social media, Kuti expressed skepticism, stating, “The world’s 5 richest men since lockdown, have increased their wealth to a combined total of 869bn US dollars. That means they can spend 1 million dollars a day for the next 476 years. No one can work that hard. We have been lied to.”

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