Sarz Claims to Have Pioneered Groundbreaking Afrobeats Sound with Wizkid

Renowned Nigerian record producer Osabuohien Osaretin, popularly known as Sarz, has boldly asserted that he pioneered a groundbreaking sound that has since become the benchmark for other Afrobeats producers. According to Sarz, it was his collaboration with singer Wizkid that catalyzed this revolutionary shift in the music industry.

In a video message shared via his Instagram page, Sarz reminisced about his innovative approach to music production, particularly highlighting his creation of the track ‘Samba’ with Wizkid. He emphasized that prior to their collaboration, no one was producing music with a similar sound profile.

“I made a sound that became a benchmark for other Afrobeats producers to follow,” Sarz declared in the video. “I made a sound called ‘Samba.’ I remember no one was making anything like that at that time.”

Sarz’s vision was to craft a sound that authentically represented African music while also resonating with a global audience. He aimed to strike a balance between cultural authenticity and international appeal, and it was Wizkid who fully grasped and embraced this vision from the outset.

“It was only Wizkid that saw the idea and knew exactly where I was coming from when I made Samba,” Sarz explained, crediting Wizkid as the visionary artist who recognized the potential of their collaborative endeavor.

Sarz’s assertion underscores the pivotal role of collaboration and artistic vision in shaping the trajectory of contemporary Afrobeats music. His partnership with Wizkid not only pushed creative boundaries but also paved the way for a new wave of innovative soundscapes within the genre.

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