Samklef Extends Forgiveness to Davido, Warns Against Disrespect

Renowned record producer and blogger, Samuel Oguachuba, popularly known as Samklef, has publicly announced his forgiveness towards singer Davido for what he described as “disrespectful” behavior towards him in the past.

The rift between Samklef and Davido began when Samklef shared a clip of Davido and his wife, Chioma, with their twins leaving a hospital in Atlanta, USA, last year. Davido responded by slamming Samklef, sparking a series of social media exchanges between the two.

However, in a recent statement posted via X on Saturday, Samklef declared that he has chosen to forgive Davido, expressing his belief that Davido has learned from the experience. He referred to Davido as his “aburo” (Yoruba slang for younger sibling or close associate), indicating a desire to mend their relationship and move forward.

Samklef’s message of forgiveness was coupled with a stern warning to other artists, cautioning them against disrespecting him in the future. The veteran producer emphasized that he expects mutual respect within the industry and will not tolerate any further instances of disrespect.

“Samklef loves Davido! I have forgiven him for disrespecting me in the past, and I believe he has learned his lessons. He is like a younger brother to me. In this industry, let no one dare to disrespect Samklef again,” Samklef wrote.

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