Rudeboy of P-Square Drops Marriage Bombshell Amid Divorce Speculations


Paul Okoye, renowned as Rudeboy, and one-half of the iconic musical duo P-Square, has ignited a flurry of speculation with his recent revelation hinting at a possible remarriage. The acclaimed ‘Reason With Me’ singer made waves as he addressed fans’ perceptions of his divorce from his ex-wife, adamantly refusing to succumb to the narrative of toxicity.

In a candid rebuke on social media, Rudeboy admonished fans for harboring expectations of acrimony surrounding his divorce, urging them to acknowledge the reality of his current relationship with Ivy Ifeoma, his new partner. Dismissing the notion of a tumultuous split, he firmly asserted his commitment to maintaining a harmonious separation, much to the surprise of his followers.

Unveiling glimpses of his future plans, Rudeboy took to his Instagram story to tease potential hashtags for himself and Ifeoma, further fueling speculation about their burgeoning romance. “Some of y’all wish and think all divorces must be toxic,” he remarked, addressing the pervasive misconceptions surrounding divorce and emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of his personal journey.


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