Rubi Rose Sparks Controversy with Bold Statement on Cheating Men


American rapper and burgeoning adult content creator, Rubi Rose, has ignited a firestorm of debate with her outspoken stance on infidelity, asserting that men who cheat “deserve to die.”

Taking to her social media platform, Rose didn’t mince words as she proclaimed, “N*ggas who cheat on their girl deserve to die… I don’t make the rules,” sending shockwaves through her followers and beyond.

However, her bold declaration didn’t escape scrutiny, with many quick to criticize her for what they perceived as a biased and extreme viewpoint. Despite the backlash, Rose stood firm in her assertion, unapologetic in her condemnation of infidelity.

In the midst of the controversy, Rose’s personal life also came under the spotlight, particularly her relationship with comedian and actor, Druski. The duo recently made their romance public, adding another layer of intrigue to Rose’s outspoken persona.

Delving further into her romantic history, Rose admitted to past relationships with industry heavyweights Travis Scott and 21 Savage. Yet, rumors abound regarding her alleged entanglements with figures such as Cam Newton, Soulja Boy, and Lil Yachty, adding fuel to the ongoing fascination with her personal affairs.


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