Rubi Rose Sparks Controversy by Prioritizing Money Over Morals


American rapper and adult content creator, Rubi Rose, has stirred debate with her recent declaration that she prioritizes money over morals. In a bold move on her Instagram story, Rose flaunted bundles of dollars while asserting her stance on values and wealth.

In her post, Rose provocatively stated, “Yo b*tch got morals…. I got millions [smiling emoji].” The assertion sparked a flurry of reactions, with some applauding her honesty while others criticized her for seemingly prioritizing financial gain over ethical considerations.

This proclamation comes in the wake of Rose’s revelation in December 2023, where she disclosed that an obsessive OnlyFans member tattooed her face on his body after spending over $62,000 on her OnlyFans page in a single month. The incident raised questions about the intersection of fandom, financial investment, and personal boundaries in the realm of adult content creation.

Despite the controversy surrounding her stance on morals and money, Rubi Rose continues to make headlines for both her professional endeavors and personal life. Currently in a relationship with comedian and actor Druski, the couple recently made their romance public, further solidifying Rose’s presence in the spotlight.

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