Robinho Ordered to Serve Nine-Year Prison Sentence for Rape in Brazil

Former football star Robinho has been informed that he must serve a nine-year prison sentence for rape in his home country of Brazil, following a conviction by an Italian court several years ago.

In 2017, Robinho, known for his stints at Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Manchester City, was found guilty of rape in Italy. However, at the time of the conviction, he had already returned to Brazil. Despite a rejected request for his extradition to Italy, a recent tribunal ruling has determined that Robinho can serve his sentence in Brazil.

The decision was made by the Superior Tribunal of Justice (STJ), with eight out of ten votes in favor of Robinho’s arrest and subsequent serving of the sentence in Brazil. However, Robinho’s defense team has the option to appeal the ruling to both the STJ and the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Robinho, now 40 years old, has maintained his innocence throughout the legal proceedings, attributing the conviction to racism in Italy. In a recent interview with Record TV, he stated, “I was convicted in Italy unjustly for something that did not happen and I have all the evidence to show that.” He also expressed frustration with the persistence of racism, suggesting that the outcome of his trial might have been different if he were white.

The next steps for Robinho involve the likelihood of appealing against the court’s decision, as he continues to contest the charges against him.

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