Rita Edochie Mocks Yul Edochie Over Marriage Denial Controversy

Nollywood veteran, Rita Edochie, has taken a swipe at fellow actor Yul Edochie over his recent denial of his marriage to Judy Austin, mocking him for suggesting that their relationship is solely based on skit-making.

In a recent court proceeding where Yul Edochie faced accusations of adultery from his first wife, May, he clarified that his connection with Judy Austin was primarily for skit production and not a legally recognized union.

Reacting to this revelation, Rita Edochie expressed incredulity on her Instagram page, questioning the notion that Judy Austin could become a “skit maker by marriage.”

In her post, she wrote, “Firstly, I was picked from the streets and today I am a skit maker by marriage? Chai! God, what have I done to myself.”

The statement from Rita Edochie underscores the controversy surrounding Yul Edochie’s marital status and raises questions about the nature of his relationship with Judy Austin.

The exchange between the two actors has sparked discussions within the entertainment industry, with fans and followers expressing varied opinions on the matter.

For now, the saga continues as the public awaits further developments and clarifications from the parties involved.

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