Rita Dominic’s Early Struggles: N10,000 Payment and the Passion that Prevailed


Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has shared the challenges she faced at the beginning of her acting career, revealing that she was paid only N10,000 for her first movie role. In a recent interview with Joy 99.7 FM in Ghana, Dominic discussed the early days of Nollywood, highlighting the industry’s lack of financial reward during that period.

Dominic emphasized that her initial foray into acting was driven solely by passion, as Nollywood was not yet a lucrative profession. She stated, “I just wanted to be an actor. And to be honest, there was no money in Nollywood back then. We were just doing it for the passion. We have the passion for the art which was what fuelled us.”

Reflecting on the challenges, she recalled receiving a meager payment of N10,000 for her first film role, and the filmmaker owed her an additional N25,000. Despite the financial hardships, Dominic and her peers persevered, contributing to the growth of the industry. As the industry expanded, the pay gradually improved, highlighting the transformation and development of Nollywood over the years.

Rita Dominic’s candid revelations provide insight into the early struggles of Nollywood actors and the determination that fueled their journey in the face of financial constraints.

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