Rita Dominic Opens Up About Taking a Sabbatical from Acting

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has candidly shared the reasons behind her decision to take a break from the screen, revealing a period of personal challenges that led her to step away from stardom.

Dominic disclosed that she made the choice to leave the movie industry in 2002 and relocated to the United Kingdom (UK) due to personal issues she was grappling with at the time.

During her time in the UK, Dominic found employment as a caregiver for adults with special needs, a role that she embraced wholeheartedly despite the perception that it might be seen as a “step-down” from her acting career.

Speaking at the 2024 Women of Valour Conference in Accra, Ghana, Dominic shared that the decision to leave acting was prompted by a “dark period” in her life, compounded by conflicts with close friends whom she considered family.

She explained, “In 2001/2002 I stopped acting. I left the [movie] industry and moved to London because it was a very dark period in my life. I fell out with some friends I considered family. And I just gave up acting for a while. I needed to get out of that space for a minute.”

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