Residents Protest Alleged Politically Motivated Criticism of Road Project in Onitsha

Residents of Ochanja market and Fegge, a neighboring community in Onitsha, have taken to the streets to protest against what they claim is a politically motivated attempt to discredit the ongoing road construction project in the area, allegedly orchestrated to tarnish the image of Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State.

Carrying placards, the traders and residents voiced their support for Governor Soludo, urging politicians to refrain from undermining his efforts in delivering development to the state. Chief Okwudili Obinwanne, speaking on behalf of the protesters, lamented the purported actions of certain politicians whom he accused of trying to undermine the governor’s achievements.

Obinwanne explained that the recent incident involving the washed-away section of the road occurred during the initial phase of asphalt application, coinciding with the first major rain in Anambra. He clarified that the asphalt, which had not fully settled on the stone base and cement stabilization components, was dislodged by the floodwaters, leading to the observed damage.

The spokesperson emphasized that the situation did not warrant the criticism and vilification directed at Governor Soludo’s administration, asserting that the road construction project was proceeding as planned. He noted that prior to Soludo’s tenure, the Ochanja road had been neglected for over four decades, highlighting the significant improvement achieved within two years under the current administration.

Furthermore, Obinwanne commended the quality of the ongoing road projects, citing the installation of street lights as evidence of the administration’s commitment to infrastructural development.

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