Rescue Effort Launched After Container Ship Strikes Baltimore Bridge: A Look Back at Recent Bridge Collapses Worldwide

In the wake of a container ship colliding with a critical bridge in Baltimore, triggering multiple vehicles to plunge into the Patapsco River, a major rescue operation is underway. As emergency responders race against time to save lives, the incident prompts reflection on past bridge collapses that have devastated communities worldwide in recent years.

1. 2022: India’s Tragic Loss
In Gujarat, India, a 150-year-old suspension bridge collapsed during Diwali celebrations, claiming the lives of 137 individuals, including nearly 50 children. CCTV footage captured the harrowing moment when the bridge swayed before abruptly collapsing, leaving a trail of devastation in Morbi.

2. 2021: Mexico’s Metro Disaster
Mexico City was rocked by tragedy when an elevated section of the metro system collapsed, resulting in the deaths of 26 people and injuring numerous others. Structural flaws compounded by a lack of maintenance underscored the need for urgent reforms in the transport sector.

3. 2018: Genoa’s Bridge Catastrophe
Italy mourned the loss of 43 lives following the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, a vital link connecting France and Italy. Torrential rain exacerbated the bridge’s structural vulnerabilities, shedding light on the nation’s infrastructure challenges and maintenance shortcomings.

4. 2011-2016: India’s Series of Misfortunes
A string of bridge disasters in India claimed scores of lives, highlighting systemic failures in construction and safety protocols. Kolkata witnessed a deadly flyover collapse, while separate incidents in Darjeeling and Arunachal Pradesh underscored the dire consequences of neglecting infrastructure maintenance.

5. 2007: China’s Construction Tragedy
China faced a devastating blow when a bridge collapse in Hunan province resulted in the deaths of 64 workers. The incident underscored the importance of stringent safety measures in construction projects to prevent such catastrophic losses.

6. 2006: South Asia’s Dual Disasters
Both Pakistan and India grappled with bridge collapses in 2006, underscoring the region’s vulnerability to monsoon rains and infrastructure challenges. The loss of lives in Mardan, Pakistan, and Bihar, India, served as sobering reminders of the urgent need for robust infrastructure development and disaster preparedness measures.


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