Rema Walks Off Stage Amid Sound Issues at Dreamville Festival, Advocates for African Artists


Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Rema, made headlines at the 2024 Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, where he stunned audiences by abruptly halting his performance midway through his hit song ‘Calm Down’ on Sunday.

Taking to the stage on Day 2 of the festival at Dix Park in Raleigh, Rema found himself grappling with subpar sound quality, prompting him to interrupt his set and express his frustration before ultimately walking off stage.

Addressing the audience, Rema voiced his dissatisfaction with the sound issues, emphasizing the importance of consistent sound quality for African artists performing on international stages. He passionately advocated for equal treatment, asserting that African artists deserve the same level of sound professionalism afforded to their Western counterparts.

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