Real Madrid Midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni Reveals Davido as Favorite African Artist Since Age 10


Real Madrid’s Aurelien Tchouameni recently disclosed his admiration for Nigerian sensation Davido, citing the Afrobeat star as his favorite African artist since childhood. Tchouameni, 24, shared his musical inclination during a candid conversation on The Bridge Show, where Davido made a guest appearance.

“At the age of 10, I started listening to Davido,” Tchouameni revealed, emphasizing the impact of Davido’s music on his upbringing. “His first song that I listened to was ‘Back When’,” he added, expressing his enduring affinity for the artist.

Davido, reflecting on his early career milestones, reminisced, “I started young though. I was very young when I released some of my hit songs. I am 31 now. I was 17 when I released ‘Back When’.”

The revelation underscores the global reach and influence of Davido’s music, transcending borders and resonating with audiences across diverse backgrounds. Tchouameni’s admiration serves as a testament to the universality of African music and its ability to connect with listeners worldwide.

The Bridge Show provided a platform for the convergence of sports and entertainment, showcasing the intersection of Tchouameni’s passion for football and his appreciation for Davido’s musical prowess.

Tchouameni’s acknowledgment of Davido’s impact adds another layer to the dynamic relationship between sports and popular culture, highlighting the cultural exchange and mutual admiration between athletes and artists.

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