Real Madrid Files Complaint Over Racist Abuse Towards Vinicius Jr

Real Madrid has taken action against racist and hateful insults directed at their player, Vinicius Jr, filing a complaint with the Spanish legal authorities. The incident occurred during a recent Champions League fixture against Inter Milan, where a video surfaced on social media allegedly showing Atletico Madrid fans chanting a racist slur.

Similar chants were reported by Real Madrid from Barcelona fans before their match against Napoli on Tuesday. La Liga has also announced their intention to report the incident.

In a statement, Real Madrid condemned the racist and discriminatory behavior, vowing to defend football’s values and maintain a zero-tolerance policy against such incidents. They have requested security footage to identify the perpetrators and have urged UEFA to take appropriate action.

Vinicius Jr, who has been subjected to racial abuse multiple times in Spain, expressed his disappointment and called for UEFA to address the issue. This recent incident adds to a series of racially motivated attacks against the player, including previous instances involving Atletico Madrid and Valencia fans.

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