Real Madrid Files Complaint Over Alleged Racism Towards Vinicius Jr

Real Madrid has taken a decisive stance against alleged racist abuse towards their forward, Vinicius Jr, during Saturday’s match against Osasuna. The club has filed a complaint against the referee, Juan Martinez Munuera, for purportedly omitting racist remarks directed at the Brazilian player from his match report.

According to Real Madrid, Vinicius was subjected to “insults and vexatious shouts” by Osasuna fans, which were intentionally excluded from the referee’s report. The club has demanded that necessary measures be taken to address and eliminate such discriminatory behavior.

However, Osasuna has denied the allegations, asserting that there were no racist chants directed at Vinicius during the match. The club emphasized its anti-racist stance and expressed disappointment over the portrayal of their fans in media reports.

Real Madrid’s complaint extends beyond Saturday’s incident, as they have included previous instances of alleged racist abuse towards Vinicius in a broader complaint filed against Atletico Madrid and Barcelona fans. Videos circulating on social media purportedly show fans chanting racist slurs directed at Vinicius during recent matches.

Vinicius, who scored twice in the match against Osasuna, has been a frequent target of racist abuse during his time in Spain. Real Madrid has consistently condemned such behavior and has taken legal action against perpetrators in the past.

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