Rapper Ruggedman Criticizes Use of “Afrobeats” Label by Talentless Artists

Renowned Nigerian rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Steven, better known as Ruggedman, has voiced sharp criticism against what he perceives as the misuse of the term “Afrobeats” by artists lacking in talent.

In an exclusive interview with Chude Jideonwo, Ruggedman did not mince words as he expressed his views on the contemporary music scene. He remarked, “When you ask me what Afrobeats is, I would say Afrobeats is what a lot of talentless people hide behind.” This bold statement underscores his belief that the Afrobeats label has been appropriated by artists who do not possess genuine artistic merit.

The rapper went on to assert that the widespread proclamation of “Afrobeats to the world” is misleading. He emphasized, “It’s not the Afrobeats [genre], it’s some artists.” This distinction underscores his contention that not all artists operating under the Afrobeats banner truly represent the essence of the genre.

Moreover, Ruggedman revealed the personal impact of facing criticism on social media regarding his relevance in the music industry. He acknowledged the hurtful nature of such comments but maintained resilience by reflecting on his enduring influence. “Whoever he or she [the troll] is listening to right now is inspired by me,” he affirmed, highlighting his enduring legacy despite detractors.

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