Rapper Illbliss Opens Up About Taking a Break from Music to Explore Diversification

Renowned rapper and actor Tobechukwu Ejiofor, popularly known as Illbliss, has revealed the reasons behind his decision to take a hiatus from the music scene, emphasizing his pursuit of diversification and family priorities.

In a recent appearance on Hip TV’s program, Trending, hosted by reality star KimOprah, Illbliss shared insights into his journey of exploration beyond music, delving into ventures such as movies, documentaries, and other creative endeavors.

Explaining the motivations behind his break from music, Illbliss attributed his decision to multiple factors, including his role as a father. He recounted the miraculous circumstances surrounding the birth of his two children, highlighting the significance of dedicating time to fatherhood and family bonding.

“My two kids came miraculously. My first child was born eight years after I married my wife while my second daughter was born during the COVID-19 lockdown. So I took time off to be a dad; to spend time with my family and raise my kids,” Illbliss shared candidly.

Additionally, Illbliss expressed a desire for diversification in his creative pursuits, seeking opportunities beyond the realm of music. Citing his involvement in television, particularly his role in the acclaimed series ‘King Of Boys,’ Illbliss highlighted his aspiration to produce more content and explore different artistic avenues.

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