Rafael Nadal Contemplates French Open Participation Amidst Uncertainty

Rafael Nadal, the legendary Spanish tennis player, has expressed uncertainty regarding his participation in the upcoming French Open, emphasizing that he will only compete if he feels physically prepared.

Nadal, a 14-time champion at Roland Garros, was forced to miss the French Open last year due to injury, marking the first time in 19 years he was absent from the tournament. Now, at 37 years old and with plans to retire after the 2024 season, Nadal faces the challenge of managing his physical condition as he navigates the twilight of his illustrious career.

Ahead of his farewell appearance at the Madrid Open this week, Nadal admitted his doubts about his readiness to compete at full capacity. Reflecting on his current physical state, he remarked, “If I was in Paris today, I wouldn’t go out to play.” Despite his reservations, Nadal expressed the importance of bidding farewell to the Madrid Open, a venue that holds significant sentimental value for him.

Nadal’s recent return from injury at the Barcelona Open saw mixed results, highlighting the challenges he faces in regaining top form. Hindered by hip and abdominal injuries, Nadal has played a limited number of matches since January 2023 and has seen a significant drop in his world ranking, currently standing at 644th.

With the French Open on the horizon, scheduled to commence on 26 May, Nadal remains cautious about committing to the tournament. Acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding his physical condition, he stated, “Without trying to confuse anyone, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next three weeks.” He reiterated his stance, emphasizing that his decision to participate in Paris hinges on his confidence in his ability to compete at the highest level.

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