Putin’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons and Ukraine

In a recent interview with state media, Russian President Vladimir Putin made significant remarks regarding nuclear weapons and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Putin asserted that Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of its sovereignty but emphasized that such action has never been necessary. While he did not indicate an imminent nuclear threat, he warned that any deployment of US troops to Ukraine would be treated as interventionist, indicating a potential escalation of tensions.

Additionally, Putin acknowledged the United States’ development of nuclear forces but stated that it does not necessarily mean they are prepared for immediate nuclear warfare. He highlighted Russia’s readiness for such a scenario while emphasizing that weapons exist to be used, adhering to their own principles.

The interview comes amid heightened concerns about a potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine, with the US reportedly preparing for such a scenario since late 2022. While Putin’s remarks may fuel apprehensions, he also suggested willingness to negotiate on Ukraine, albeit under realistic conditions.

However, the situation remains complex, with NATO intelligence indicating Russia’s continued military production and preparations for further offensives in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has emphasized the urgent need for US military aid to deter Russian aggression.

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