Putin Claims Misled by Clinton on NATO, Open to Talks with Zelenskyy – But With Conditions

Moscow, Russia: In a wide-ranging interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin made several notable claims, including being misled by Bill Clinton on NATO membership and remaining open to negotiation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy under specific conditions.

On NATO: Putin alleged former President Clinton initially suggested Russia could join NATO during a 2000 visit, later retracting the statement that same evening. This claim remains unverified.

On Ukraine: While expressing openness to negotiating peace with Zelenskyy, Putin clarified Russia has not achieved its objectives, including “de-Nazification,” suggesting negotiations wouldn’t be immediate. He further stated he couldn’t recall his last conversation with President Biden and deemed Russian defeat “impossible.”

On Global Conflict: Reassuring about intentions towards Poland and Latvia, Putin stressed avoiding global war due to its destructive potential. However, his past assertions regarding Ukraine raise questions about the reliability of such assurances.

On Evan Gershkovich: Regarding imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich, Putin hinted at a potential return but only with “reciprocal steps” from the US.

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