Professor Moyo Okediji’s Ordeal with Exploitative Mechanic in Nigeria

Renowned Art History Professor, Moyo Okediji, took to his Facebook account to narrate his distressing experience with a mechanic in Nigeria, whom he accused of exploitation. Okediji shared his frustration and sense of being taken advantage of in a lengthy post, recounting the series of events that unfolded after purchasing a Mercedes van in 2019.

Upon noticing issues with the van’s air conditioning (AC) system, Okediji sent the vehicle to Lagos for repairs before returning to the US. Initially quoted 100k for the AC repair, the mechanic later requested an additional 250k for other issues, citing COVID-19-related delays in Okediji’s return. Subsequently, the mechanic proposed changing the engine from diesel, which Okediji rejected due to cost constraints.

As repairs progressed, the mechanic continually identified new problems, including issues with the gearbox, chassis, and shocks, each requiring additional payments. Okediji expressed disbelief at the escalating costs and the deteriorating condition of the vehicle, exacerbated by alleged theft of parts while in the mechanic’s possession.

Frustrated by the mounting expenses and lack of progress, Okediji lamented feeling like a “mumu” (fool) and ultimately decided to cut ties with the mechanic. He concluded his post by humorously likening himself to a fictional character, Yaya Mumuni, and pleaded for assistance in dealing with the situation.

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