Producer Claims Junior Pope Rejected Life Jacket Before Tragic Boat Mishap

Adanma Luke, the producer of the movie that actor Junior Pope was shooting before his tragic drowning, has spoken out, revealing that the late actor was offered a life jacket but declined to use it.

Amidst mounting scrutiny following the boat accident that claimed the lives of Junior Pope and three others on the Anam River in Anambra State, Luke Adanma has addressed the circumstances surrounding the incident.

In a video message shared on her Instagram account, Adanma disclosed that Junior Pope had been offered a life jacket, but he refused it, citing its dirty condition. She explained that while other crew members, including the director and director of photography, were wearing life jackets, there was one available that was not used.

Adanma recounted, “My producer manager said they saw life jackets hanging and they took them. He said he even asked the late Friday to take one to Junior Pope but Junior Pope said it was dirty so he didn’t take it.”

According to her account, those who wore life jackets were among the survivors of the boat mishap. She further revealed that Junior Pope, while in the water, expressed concern for everyone’s well-being but ultimately disappeared from sight.

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