President Tinubu Vows to Transform Nigeria’s Leadership Narrative

President Bola Tinubu reiterated his commitment to reshaping Nigeria’s leadership narrative during a meeting with a delegation from the United States Congress, led by Senator Cory Booker. Tinubu emphasized his determination to dispel the notion that Nigeria lacks the leadership required for sustainable development, pledging to uphold democratic principles and forge strategic partnerships with established democracies worldwide.

In his address to the delegation, Tinubu underscored the importance of adhering to the rule of law and ensuring the provision of good governance, justice, and fairness for all Nigerians. He expressed his resolve to defend democracy and stressed the need for tangible outcomes such as quality healthcare, education, food security, and economic prosperity.

Asserting Nigeria’s pivotal role in sustaining democracy in Africa and beyond, Tinubu highlighted the country’s status as the continent’s largest economy and democracy. He urged the United States to strengthen ties with Africa through enhanced development programs, advocating for a pragmatic approach to partnership.

Tinubu proposed a strategic collaboration between the United States and Africa akin to the Marshall Plan, emphasizing the need for substantive support to bolster Africa’s economic growth and address democratic unrest. He urged the United States to leverage technology and finance to promote economic prosperity and education across the continent.

Responding to concerns raised by the delegation, Tinubu reiterated his commitment to democratic values and emphasized Nigeria’s constitutional provisions safeguarding citizens’ rights. He addressed apprehensions regarding religious intolerance and sought to reassure the delegation of Nigeria’s adherence to constitutional principles.

In his remarks, Senator Booker commended Tinubu’s leadership and vision, highlighting his willingness to make difficult decisions for the benefit of Nigerians. He emphasized the shared values of democracy, entrepreneurship, and commitment to peace between Nigeria and the United States, advocating for deeper partnership and cooperation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Tuggar, appealed to the delegation to reconsider a resolution seeking to designate Nigeria as a country of concern over alleged religious intolerance. He emphasized Nigeria’s constitutional commitment to protecting citizens’ rights and urged the delegation to recognize the country’s efforts in this regard.

In response, U.S. Congresswoman Sara Jacobs affirmed the consensus in the U.S. House of Representatives and the White House against designating Nigeria as a country of concern, acknowledging Nigeria’s constitutional safeguards and commitment to democracy.


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