President Tinubu Praises Rotary International’s Healthcare Partnership for Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu has reiterated the commitment of the federal government to collaborate with reputable organizations, such as Rotary International, to ensure the provision of quality healthcare services for all Nigerians. Tinubu made this statement during a meeting with Rotary International President Mr. Gordon McInally, where he acknowledged Rotary’s significant contributions to healthcare initiatives in Nigeria.

Highlighting Rotary International’s role in eradicating polio and reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in Nigeria, President Tinubu commended the organization for its dedication to social causes. He specifically mentioned Rotary’s recent grant of $14 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) to support polio surveillance efforts in Nigeria, emphasizing Rotary’s pivotal role in disease prevention and healthcare improvement.

President Tinubu praised Rotary International for its track record of social commitment, citing its instrumental role in eradicating polio in Africa and addressing various health challenges. He also acknowledged the contributions of Nigerian Rotary clubs and volunteers in supporting polio eradication initiatives, emphasizing their vital role in achieving Nigeria’s polio-free status.

In response, McInally expressed appreciation for Tinubu’s support for healthcare interventions targeting disadvantaged populations in Nigeria. He lauded Nigeria’s commitment to global polio eradication efforts and emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant despite significant progress.

McInally highlighted Rotary’s continued collaboration with the Nigerian government to address infant and maternal mortality rates, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to improving healthcare outcomes in Nigeria.

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