Portable Threatens to Evict Wife Over Controversial Birthday Caption


Controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, has sparked a social media storm with his threat to expel his wife, Bewaji Ewatomi, over a birthday message she posted.

Ewatomi, also known as Mama Zeh, commemorated her birthday with a series of charming photos on her social media platform on Friday. However, it was the caption accompanying the images that ignited a swift response from her husband.

In the caption, Ewatomi referred to herself as a “self-made queen,” a description that did not sit well with Portable. The singer promptly corrected his wife, asserting that his support is the driving force behind her popularity. He insisted, “If them dey call you strong woman na me make you strong, I don’t understand why you call yourself queen of yourself, It Is Either You Change Your Caption or You Pack Out of My House.”

Portable’s ultimatum underscores the tensions within their relationship, revealing a clash of egos and perceptions of authority. As the controversy unfolds, fans and onlookers are left speculating about the future of their marriage and the dynamics at play behind closed doors.


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