Portable: From Fashion Designer to Controversial Musician


Nigerian singer Portable has revealed a surprising aspect of his past, stating that he was originally a fashion designer before embarking on his music career.

In the debut episode of the Brooke Bailey Danfo Series, Portable shared insights into his love for fashion and tailoring while taking Belgian DJ Brooke Bailey on a tour of Sango Ota, Ogun state.

During the tour, Portable showcased his fashion studio, underscoring his deep-rooted connection to the world of design. He disclosed that prior to delving into music, fashion was his primary vocation, and he continues to pursue it alongside his singing career.

“I trained as a fashion designer. I am still a fashion designer, I am still doing it. That is what I learnt, that was my profession before I ventured into music,” Portable affirmed. “Now I combine the both but I am taking the fashion side of things slow and steady. I love fashion designing, even entertainment is connected to fashion in some ways. So when you are doing music, you have to do fashion.”

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