Portable Credits Olamide for Life-Changing Success: From Street Performances to International Collaboration


Controversial street hop artist Portable has publicly expressed his gratitude to rapper Olamide for being a pivotal figure in his remarkable journey to success. Taking to TikTok, Portable credited Olamide with turning his life around and acknowledged the rapper for his unwavering support during challenging times.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Portable shared the story of performing for just N200 at events, a stark contrast to his current stature. He highlighted Olamide’s influential role, revealing how a collaboration with the best rapper in the UK became possible through Olamide’s intervention.

“I would have still been on the streets if not for Olamide,” Portable said. “He told me that I was gonna make it even when nobody believed in me. Olamide is a boss, and I respect him so much. He sponsored me without asking for anything in return. Olamide is the only guy in the music industry that showed me love. God used him to bless me. I’m from the streets, I used to perform for N200, but I thank God for sending Olamide to me.”

Portable’s heartfelt acknowledgment underlines the impact of mentorship and support in the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

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