PDP and APC Clash Over Governor Oyebanji’s Performance in Ekiti State

Tensions rise in Ekiti State as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) lock horns over the performance of Governor Biodun Oyebanji. Mrs. Funmi Ogun, the PDP State Secretary and a gubernatorial aspirant, criticized the Oyebanji-led APC government, alleging a lack of tangible development despite substantial resources.

Ogun denounced the ongoing flyover bridge project, labeling it a misallocation of funds in the face of economic challenges. She emphasized the need for prudent resource utilization to address pressing issues such as infrastructure, unemployment, and security threats. Pointing to the PDP’s past governance, she pledged to restore effective leadership if elected in 2026.

However, Segun Dipe, the APC State Publicity Secretary, defended Oyebanji’s administration, citing numerous people-centered projects and welfare initiatives benefiting Ekiti residents. He highlighted infrastructure improvements, timely salary payments, and pension disbursements as evidence of the governor’s commitment to public welfare. Dipe criticized the PDP’s track record, alleging fiscal mismanagement and neglect of citizens’ welfare during their tenure.

The debate underscores divergent perspectives on governance and development in Ekiti State. While the PDP criticizes perceived shortcomings and advocates for change, the APC touts its achievements and emphasizes grassroots impact. With the 2026 gubernatorial elections looming, the clash between political rivals intensifies, setting the stage for a contentious electoral contest.


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