Osun State Government Establishes Cyber Crime Action Committee to Combat Fake News

The Osun State Government has announced the creation of a Cyber Crime Action Committee aimed at addressing cyber crimes, cyber bullying, and the proliferation of false news online. The decision, disclosed by the Commissioner for Information and Public Engagement, Kolapo Alimi, underscores the government’s commitment to curbing the spread of misinformation in the state.

Alimi emphasized the necessity of sanitizing the governance space to ensure that political discourse and governance occur within an environment of responsibility, decency, and honesty. The move comes in response to escalating tensions on social media platforms between supporters of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), often resulting in derogatory exchanges.

Highlighting the detrimental impact of fake news on both the government and the opposition, Alimi stressed the need to enforce relevant laws to hold perpetrators accountable. The Cyber Crime Action Committee, housed within the Ministry of Justice, comprises journalists and legal practitioners tasked with curbing the dissemination of false information.

The committee’s mandate includes applying provisions of the Cybercrime Act of 2015 to ensure compliance with the law and protect fundamental human rights. Specifically, Section 24(1) of the Cybercrime Act outlines penalties for knowingly or intentionally sending false, offensive, or indecent messages via computer systems or networks.


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