Omah Lay Expresses Surprise Over Davido’s Support Amidst Previous Perceptions


Omah Lay, the acclaimed ‘Soso’ crooner, recently made headlines with his candid revelation regarding his perception of Davido’s opinion of him. In a surprising turn of events, Omah Lay took to his social media platform, X handle, to share his thoughts, disclosing that he had long harbored the belief that the DMW boss harbored animosity towards him.

The revelation emerged in the wake of Davido’s public display of support for Omah Lay’s music, notably witnessed as Davido spun his tracks while chauffeuring popular American content creator Kai Cenat around Lagos on Monday night. Omah Lay’s disclosure, captured in a post on Tuesday, read, “I’ve always thought OBO [Davido] hated me!”

The candid admission sheds light on the complexities of interpersonal dynamics within the Nigerian music industry, where perceptions and assumptions often influence artists’ relationships. Despite Omah Lay’s prior belief, Davido’s recent actions signify a shift in their dynamic, marking the first time the DMW boss has publicly endorsed Omah Lay’s music.

Notably, Omah Lay’s revelation underscores the significance of artists’ perceptions of each other within the industry landscape, where collaborations and support from established figures can significantly impact emerging talents’ trajectories. Despite his rising prominence, the Port Harcourt-born singer has remained among the select few young Nigerian artists yet to secure a collaboration with Davido.

The public acknowledgment of Davido’s support by Omah Lay serves as a testament to the power of validation within the music industry and highlights the potential for fostering positive relationships among artists. As the narrative unfolds, the convergence of Omah Lay’s candid disclosure and Davido’s unexpected endorsement opens doors for further speculation and anticipation regarding potential future collaborations between the two artists.

The exchange between Omah Lay and Davido illuminates the intricacies of artist relationships and underscores the importance of mutual respect and support within the Nigerian music ecosystem. Amidst evolving dynamics, the revelation serves as a reminder of the transformative impact of genuine expressions of support and camaraderie within the industry.

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