Olympic Weightlifting Medalist Emily Campbell Champions Change Beyond Athletics

Olympic weightlifting silver medalist Emily Campbell emphasizes the significance of athletes being more than just competitors and advocates for giving back to their communities. As part of a new initiative called ChangeMakers, Campbell and other members of Team GB and Para GB will support various social impact projects in their local areas following the Paris Games this summer.

Campbell, who made history as the first British woman to win an Olympic weightlifting medal, believes in using the platform of the Games to address important issues close to athletes’ hearts. She highlights the holistic message of the Olympics, emphasizing unity and global cooperation, and sees the post-Games period as an ideal opportunity to extend this message into communities.

The ChangeMakers program, developed in partnership between Team GB, ParalympicsGB, and Allwyn, aims to match athletes with projects ranging from grassroots sports initiatives to mental health and environmental programs. With 86% of funded athletes expressing a desire to make a societal impact, and 66% of UK adults acknowledging athletes’ role in championing causes, the initiative aligns with athletes’ aspirations to contribute beyond sports.

For Campbell, supporting her hometown of Nottingham and empowering children and young females are personal priorities. She aims to challenge societal norms around body image, advocating for body positivity and celebrating diversity. By using her voice to promote confidence and health, Campbell seeks to inspire positive change, particularly among young females navigating societal pressures.

Despite her success at Tokyo 2020 and the Commonwealth Games, Campbell remains focused on her aspirations for Paris 2024. While aiming for gold, she recognizes the competitive field and the need for dedication and hard work. Regardless of the outcome, Campbell is determined to continue her advocacy efforts and hopes to make a lasting impact both on and off the weightlifting platform.

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