Olivia Advocates for Financial Independence Over Love in Relationships


During a recent guest appearance on the Spill With Phyna podcast, Olivia stirred debate with her candid views on the dynamics of love and money in modern relationships. Expressing a bold stance, Olivia declared her preference for financial stability over romantic love in today’s society, citing the transactional nature of many partnerships.

In her statement, Olivia emphasized the practical benefits of wealth, suggesting that in contemporary relationships, financial resources hold greater significance than traditional expressions of love. She remarked, “At this age and time, if I’m to choose between love and money, I will choose money. All the marriages and relationships now are transactional. When you have money, you can do whatever you want.”

Challenging conventional notions of romance, Olivia questioned the value of sentimental gestures, asserting that material wealth can provide greater fulfillment and freedom. She questioned the relevance of romantic gestures like breakfast in bed and cuddling, suggesting that financial resources can fulfill those needs equally, if not better. Olivia concluded, “What love are you talking about? Breakfast in bed, cuddle? Okay, go and buy doll and cuddle doll na. Anything you need your money can get it for you. And you will be happy because money makes you happy.”

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