Oladips Boldly Asserts Superiority Over Olamide in Rap Skills

Oladimeji, also known as Oladips, has stirred controversy within the Nigerian music industry by claiming that he is a superior rapper to the acclaimed YBNL boss, Olamide.

During an interactive session with fans on X platform, Oladips made the bold declaration when asked about his idol. Despite acknowledging Olamide as his inspiration, Oladips asserted, “Olamide! But I rap pass am.”

This statement has sparked debates among fans and industry observers, as Olamide is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most influential and skilled rappers. However, Oladips’ confidence in his abilities and his claim to surpass Olamide in rap prowess have drawn attention to his own talent and ambition.

Oladips’ remarks highlight the competitive nature of the music industry, where artists continually strive to distinguish themselves and assert their place within the hierarchy. While some may view his statement as audacious, others see it as a testament to his self-belief and determination to make a mark in the industry.

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