Nollywood Star Deyemi Okanlawon Extols Wife’s Tolerance Amidst Female Fan Attention

Renowned Nollywood luminary Deyemi Okanlawon has lauded his wife for her remarkable tolerance, applauding her ability to disregard advances from female admirers.

In a candid revelation on the Deep Dive podcast hosted by comedian Teju Babyface, Okanlawon expressed admiration for his wife’s nonchalant demeanor towards female fans’ flirtations, highlighting her unwavering trust and confidence in their relationship. He disclosed that his wife, demonstrating an extraordinary level of trust, refrains from following him on social media platforms, underscoring her secure stance and her implicit trust in him.

Reflecting on a memorable incident where a female admirer attempted to kiss him in public, Okanlawon marveled at his wife’s composed response, recounting how she never once questioned him about such encounters. He affectionately described her as “If look away was a person, that is my baby girl.”

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