Nollywood Icon Osita Iheme Revels in Timeless Legacy as Fans Embrace Memes from His Classic Movies


Renowned Nollywood actor Osita Iheme, affectionately known as Pawpaw among fans, expressed his delight in witnessing the widespread use of clips and images from his past films as memes across various social media platforms. In a recent interview with Next Kulture, Iheme shared his sentiments, emphasizing the sense of fulfillment he derives from observing people incorporate his iconic portrayals into their online interactions.

Reflecting on the enduring popularity of his work, Iheme remarked, “I feel great seeing people using my memes on social media. It’s good to see that your works are doing well out there and people appreciate what you do even after all these years.” He underscored the significance of this phenomenon, highlighting how it underscores the timeless nature of his talent and the enduring appeal of his performances.

The veteran actor further articulated his satisfaction in realizing that his contributions to the entertainment industry continue to resonate with audiences long after their initial release. “It shows that you have an asset you can always back up and bank with. Because when you look at 20 years ago, a job you’ve done and people are using it now to express themselves, so I feel happy,” Iheme elaborated.

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