Nollywood Actress Stands by Bobrisky Amid Naira Mutilation Charges

Nollywood actress Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin, known as Simi Gold, has shown unwavering support for her friend, Bobrisky, amidst his ongoing legal battle over naira mutilation charges. Simi Gold, who herself faced a similar situation last year, expressed solidarity with Bobrisky following the recent verdict against him.

Last year, Simi Gold made headlines when she was arrested after a video surfaced online showing her spraying and stepping on naira notes. The incident led to her conviction for naira mutilation.

In light of the Federal High Court in Lagos finding Bobrisky guilty of naira abuse, Simi Gold took to her Instagram page to offer words of comfort and support to her friend. She wrote, “Bobrisky, nothing do you, my friend. You are coming out of this with your head up,” alongside a picture of herself and Bobrisky. Simi Gold further expressed her affection, saying, “Sending you loads of love, my sweetheart Bobrisky.”

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