Nollywood Actor Ayoola Ayoola Opens Up About Suicide Attempt Amid Parenthood Struggles


Nollywood actor and singer, Ayoola Ayoola, recently revealed his harrowing experience with depression and suicidal thoughts stemming from unexpected fatherhood. The renowned star, known for his role in ‘The Men’s Club,’ disclosed that he grappled with overwhelming emotions when faced with impending fatherhood for which he felt unprepared.

In an exclusive interview with Chude Jideonwo, Ayoola bravely recounted the dark period of his life, admitting to contemplating suicide due to the overwhelming pressure of impending fatherhood. He candidly confessed, “The time the pregnancy for my son came, I wasn’t prepared to be a father. I got depressed and almost took my life.”

Ayoola’s anguish led him to the brink of tragedy, where he deliberately put himself in harm’s way, hoping to end his life. Recalling the chilling moment, he disclosed, “I deliberately miscalculated while crossing the road so that I would be hit and the car just brushed me.”

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