Nigerian Singer Duncan Mighty Sets Sights on PhD, Emphasizing the Importance of Education

Nigerian artist Duncan Mighty is charting a new course, not just in his music career but in academia as well, as he reveals his ambition to attain a Doctorate of Philosophy degree (PhD).

The acclaimed ‘Port Harcourt First Son’ disclosed his academic aspirations during a recent interview with 3Music TV in Accra, Ghana. He disclosed that his decision to temporarily step away from the music scene was to dedicate time to his education, emphasizing the significance of being well-rounded in both talent and knowledge.

“I have to back it up with education,” Duncan Mighty asserted, highlighting his academic journey which includes a Master of Science degree in Acoustics from Freiburg University, Germany. Reflecting on his experience studying at an international institution where non-English languages were predominant, he underscored the value of perseverance and adaptability.

“Education is the only thing that remains with you even in old age,” he remarked, underscoring the enduring importance of learning. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to pursue education independently, he affirmed his determination to pursue a PhD, recognizing it as a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

In offering advice to fellow artists, Duncan Mighty urged them to prioritize education alongside their artistic endeavors. “Talent is not enough,” he cautioned, advocating for a proactive approach to securing one’s future amidst the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

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