Nigerian Customs Reports 98 Seizures, Valued at N769 Million, in Kaduna Zone ‘B’ Operations

The Federal Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘B’ in Kaduna has disclosed its operational activities spanning from February 17 to March 28, 2024, reporting a total of 98 seizures involving various contraband items valued at N769,465,907.46.

During a media briefing in Kaduna on Thursday, Comptroller Dalha Wada Chedi, the FOU Zone ‘B’ Comptroller, highlighted the unit’s unwavering commitment to combating smuggling activities. Within the reviewed period, the unit made significant seizures, including contraband foreign parboiled rice, used foreign shoes, petroleum products, vehicles, and pasta, among other items.

Of particular significance was the interception of 372 bags of contraband rice, concealed within local flour sacks, exemplifying smugglers’ evolving tactics. Despite challenges, the unit’s officers and men have remained vigilant and responsive to thwart smuggling attempts.

Chedi emphasized the unit’s determination to uphold the law, regardless of attempts by smugglers to evade justice through various means, including orchestrated attacks and illegal demonstrations against enforcement efforts.

The summary of seized items during the reviewed period includes foreign parboiled rice, foreign spaghetti, macaroni, couscous, secondhand clothing, premium motor spirit, foreign refined vegetable oil, used vehicles, means of conveyance, chakapain xtra, foreign milky creamer and milk powder, foreign used tyres, alcoholic beverages, foreign butter, and expired foreign general goods, among others.

The total Duty Paid Value (DPV) of the seized items amounted to N769,465,907.46, indicating the magnitude of illicit activities thwarted by the Customs unit.

Chedi also raised awareness regarding the alteration of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) by smugglers to evade detection, urging citizens to scrutinize VINs before purchasing vehicles to avoid unwittingly engaging in illegal activities.

Furthermore, he commended the Customs leadership for granting a 90-day window for vehicle owners to rectify duty documentation, demonstrating a commitment to fairness and compliance with extant laws.

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