Nigerian Comedian Ebiye Victor Makes Bold Statement: “I Don’t Believe in Marriage


Prominent Nigerian comedian, Ebiye Victor, popularly known as Ebiye, has candidly shared his unconventional views on marriage. In a recent appearance on ‘The Talk’ podcast hosted by Moyo and Mide, the stand-up comedian and skit maker dropped a bombshell, revealing that, as of now, he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage.

“As of today, I don’t believe in marriage,” Ebiye asserted during the podcast episode, leaving listeners intrigued by his bold stance on a societal norm deeply ingrained in tradition.

The comedian, known for his witty and unfiltered humor, didn’t rule out the possibility of a change in perspective in the future. However, at present, he stands firm in his skepticism towards marriage, sparking conversations about societal expectations and individual choices in relationships.

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