Nigeria Labour Congress Accuses Labour Party Chairman of Moral Leprosy

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Political Commission has leveled scathing accusations against Mr. Julius Abure, the embattled national Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), labeling him as morally bankrupt and urging the public to shun him.

According to a statement released by Comrade Chris Uyot, Secretary of the NLC Political Commission, Mr. Abure has been deemed unfit to hold the position of chairman within the opposition party, with the NLC asserting its rightful ownership of the Labour Party.

The statement follows Mr. Abure’s recent allegations against the NLC, accusing them of embezzling funds intended for workers’ salaries during a protest at the party’s headquarters in Abuja.

The NLC vehemently refutes these claims, asserting that Mr. Abure has resorted to baseless accusations and cowardly tactics to deflect attention from his own misdeeds. They accuse him of moral bankruptcy, administrative incompetence, and political ineptitude, and vow to pursue legal action against him.

Highlighting the recent takeover of Labour Party Secretariats nationwide by the NLC, the statement emphasizes that Mr. Abure’s claims of theft during the process are unfounded and ludicrous. The NLC maintains that the reclaiming of party assets was conducted peacefully and transparently, with the participation of law enforcement and media personnel.

The NLC challenges Mr. Abure to defend himself against the mounting allegations rather than resorting to falsehoods and defamatory remarks. They assert that his actions demonstrate a lack of integrity and credibility, warranting public condemnation and avoidance.

In conclusion, the NLC urges the Nigeria Police and other relevant authorities to hold Mr. Abure accountable for his deceitful behavior and to protect the integrity of the labour movement.

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