nezsa: Crafting a Unique Sound in Abuja’s Musical Landscape

Hailing from Abuja, Nigeria, nezsa has emerged as a standout artist with her distinctive blend of pop, neo-soul, and R&B influences, marked by emotive lyrics and captivating vocals. Drawing inspiration from her mother, a singer herself, nezsa credits her inherited voice and determination for her musical journey. Influenced by the likes of Lana Del Ray, Frank Ocean, and Sade, nezsa has crafted a musical style that is uniquely her own.

Remaining steadfast in her artistic vision, nezsa has garnered attention for her authentic approach, following in the footsteps of trailblazing artists like Tems and Amaarae. Tems, recognizing nezsa’s talent, even featured her on her Apple Music Radio show, The Leading Vibe. nezsa’s debut EP, “Bitter-Sweet” (2020), showcased her fusion-driven sound and garnered acclaim despite its release during the pandemic.

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