New Bob Dylan Biopic Stirs Excitement as Timothée Chalamet Debuts as Folk Icon


Production for the long-awaited Bob Dylan biopic, “A Complete Unknown,” has finally commenced, offering fans a first glimpse of actor Timothée Chalamet embodying the legendary folk singer.

Filming in New York over the weekend, Chalamet was captured donning an army-green jacket and a newsboy cap, portraying Dylan during his early career years. The images ignited a flurry of reactions from fans, with some expressing excitement while others offered humorous commentary on Chalamet’s portrayal.

“He looks like he’s going to Camp Rock,” joked one fan, drawing comparisons to the Disney musical summer camp film. Author Marissa R. Moss quipped, “This is not Bob Dylan, it’s simply every man who has ever tried to talk to me about Bob Dylan.”

Despite facing multiple delays since its initial announcement in 2020, “A Complete Unknown” has persevered through challenges such as the pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA strike. Notably, the project has garnered unwavering support from Dylan himself, who provided director James Mangold with detailed annotated notes on the script.

Reflecting on his interactions with Dylan, Mangold shared, “I’ve spent several wonderfully charming days in his company, just one-on-one, talking to him. He loves movies.”

Contrary to expectations of a traditional biopic, Mangold clarified that “A Complete Unknown” is more of an ensemble piece centered around a specific moment in Dylan’s life. Set in the early ’60s in New York, the film follows a 17-year-old Dylan as he embarks on a journey with $16 in his pockets to meet folk icon Woody Guthrie, who is hospitalized at the time.

Chalamet’s commitment to the role extends to his musical performance, as he will be singing in the movie and has enlisted the expertise of vocal and dialect coaches who previously worked with Austin Butler in “Elvis.”

Dylan’s enigmatic persona has long captivated audiences, leading to multiple cinematic interpretations of his life and career. Previous endeavors include Todd Haynes’ 2007 film “I’m Not There,” featuring six different actors portraying various facets of Dylan’s identity, and Martin Scorsese’s 2019 concert documentary “Rolling Thunder Revue,” chronicling Dylan’s iconic 1975 tour.

While anticipation for “A Complete Unknown” runs high, the biopic has yet to receive a release date, leaving fans eager for more updates on the project.

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