National Hajj Commission Announces Adjusted Fare Prices Amid Currency Instability

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has revised the final fare prices for the upcoming 2024 Hajj pilgrimage due to recent fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. Initially set at N4.5 million, the fares had aimed to align with the dollar rate, allowing the commission to negotiate realistic costs for accommodation, airline fares, and other essentials.


Despite commendable efforts by NAHCON Chairman, Jalal Ahmad Arabi, to maintain the fare at N4.5 million, the recent volatility in the dollar exchange rate compelled a necessary adjustment. The Chairman actively negotiated discounts with service providers in Saudi Arabia in January, aiming to mitigate costs for pilgrims.


However, faced with an unstable currency situation, the Commission had to make a tough decision to consolidate gains achieved in lowering service costs. The adjusted fares now stand at N4,899,000 for pilgrims from Nigeria’s Southern center, N4,699,000 for the Northern center, and N4,679,000 for Yola and Maiduguri centers.


Intending pilgrims are urged to pay or balance their Hajj fares by February 12, 2024, to meet the imminent deadline. NAHCON reassures the public of its commitment to ensuring a smooth and successful Hajj pilgrimage, expressing gratitude for the understanding and cooperation of the Nigerian Muslim community during these challenging times. Chairman Arabi emphasizes that these adjustments are a result of external factors, stating, “This is the will of Allah,” as the Commission works within a tight deadline.

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