Nasboi Receives Death Threats After Criticizing Wizkid’s Remarks on Don Jazzy

Popular skit maker and singer, Nasboi, has found himself in hot water after publicly criticizing Wizkid for his recent remarks about Don Jazzy. Nasboi’s comments, made during an appearance on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, have sparked controversy and led to him receiving death threats.

During the podcast interview, Nasboi expressed his disapproval of Wizkid’s behavior, particularly his mocking of Don Jazzy on social media. He questioned whether celebrities should be exempt from criticism, highlighting the double standard that exists between public figures and ordinary individuals.

In an interview with Cool FM, Nasboi opened up about the backlash he has faced since speaking out against Wizkid. He revealed that he has been inundated with death threats, indicating the intensity of the public’s reaction to his comments.

“It’s like once you’re a celebrity, you do not have an opinion. But you, who is a normal guy on the street, you have an opinion,” Nasboi stated during the interview. “And me, who’s a normal guy who is a celebrity, shouldn’t have the same privilege?”

Nasboi emphasized that his remarks were prompted by a genuine concern for Don Jazzy’s feelings, suggesting that Wizkid’s characterization of him as an “influencer” was disrespectful and unwarranted.

“It’s a simple question: Do you think Wizkid offended Don Jazzy with his statement?” Nasboi said. “For calling him an influencer, I feel like the context wasn’t okay. I would feel bad.”

Despite his intentions to express his opinion freely, Nasboi has been confronted with the harsh reality of public scrutiny and online harassment. He revealed that he has received threats to his life, indicating the volatile nature of social media discourse.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by public figures in navigating the complexities of social media and the consequences of expressing dissenting views. Nasboi’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of respectful dialogue and the need to address disagreements without resorting to threats or intimidation.

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