Nancy Isime Reveals Struggle Behind Recent Weight Loss Transformation


Nollywood actress Nancy Isime has opened up about the arduous journey behind her recent significant weight loss, attributing it to a role she undertook in 2022.

Isime candidly shared on Instagram that she intentionally gained weight for a movie role in 2022, with the expectation of shedding it shortly after. However, what she initially anticipated would take two weeks ended up being a prolonged struggle lasting over a year.

In her Instagram post, Isime disclosed, “I’m not gonna lie, deciding to add weight for a role in 2022 and lose it right after was a lot more challenging than I expected it to be. Took me wayyyy longer and wayyyy too much effort to get the weight off.”

Despite her initial confidence in swiftly shedding the added pounds, Isime revealed that her metabolism didn’t cooperate as anticipated, leading to a prolonged battle with weight fluctuation across multiple projects.

Expressing relief and satisfaction at returning to her healthiest weight, Isime surpassed her initial goal by at least 3 extra kilograms. She likened her achievement to surpassing the results of her 2020 No Sugar July Challenge.

“I would have given tips but I kinda like the narrative of my yansh bursting, adds a lirru razzmatazz to my boring online personality,” Isime humorously added, suggesting that the journey’s challenges added a unique flair to her online persona.

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