Mohbad’s Family Denies Threats, Challenges Widow to Provide Evidence

The family of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has formally denied allegations of threatening the life of the deceased’s widow, Wunmi, and their son, Liam. These accusations surfaced following Wunmi’s claim of receiving menacing calls warning her against seeking justice for her late husband’s death.

In a statement released by the family’s legal representatives, the allegations were labeled as sensitive, with an appeal to Wunmi to identify any family members purportedly involved in making such threats. The family emphasized that they harbor no intention of threatening Wunmi, despite unresolved issues regarding the paternity of Liam, Mohbad’s alleged child.

The statement urged Wunmi to provide specific names and evidence of the alleged threats, emphasizing the legal maxim “he who asserts must prove.” The family highlighted that they have not been in a position to threaten Wunmi, even in the face of unsettled paternity issues.

Addressing Wunmi’s claims of receiving strange calls, the family encouraged her to let the Nigerian Police carry out their investigations to uncover the individuals behind the alleged threats. The family also responded to Wunmi’s concern about the Coroner’s Court proceedings, suggesting she consult with her counsel for clarity.

The family stated that their comments and encouragement for Wunmi to speak out on her husband’s death were intended as fair remarks, expressing regret if those were misconstrued as threats.

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