Mexico Battles 120 Active Forest Fires Across 19 States

Mexican authorities are grappling with a significant challenge as a total of 120 active forest fires ravage across 19 states, impacting 7,137 hectares of land, according to a report released by the National Forestry Commission (Conafor).

Hidalgo, a central state, bears the brunt of the devastation, with approximately 1,874 hectares already consumed by the fires. The extent of the damage is still being assessed in some areas where fires continue to rage.

In a glimmer of hope, recent efforts have led to the extinguishing of 42 fires, albeit preliminary data suggests they have affected 2,608 hectares of land.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador addressed the situation during his daily news conference, assuring the public that extensive measures were underway to combat the blazes. He disclosed that a combined force of 6,000 soldiers, marines, Civil Protection, and Conafor personnel were deployed to control the fires, emphasizing that there was no imminent threat to the population.

However, amidst the firefighting efforts, the president expressed sorrow over the loss of four individuals, including two community members, a police officer, and a firefighter. Their sacrifices underscore the gravity of the situation and the risks faced by those on the front lines battling the infernos.

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