Meek Mill Contemplates Relocating to Ghana Amid Rising Insecurity in the U.S.

American rapper Meek Mill, also known as Robert Rihmeek Williams, has voiced concerns over the growing crime and insecurity in the United States, prompting him to consider relocating to Africa, specifically Ghana. In a series of candid posts on his social media, the artist, who was once romantically linked to Nicki Minaj, lamented feeling unsafe in America.

Expressing his disillusionment, Meek Mill highlighted the dangers on American streets, citing issues like uncontrolled illegal immigration, widespread access to automatic guns, and the proliferation of lethal substances like fentanyl in drugs. The rapper asserted that America seems designed to “tear black men down if they don’t follow orders.”

In a bold declaration, he expressed his desire to obtain Ghanaian citizenship, emphasizing Africa as a potential refuge from the challenges he perceives in the United States. Meek Mill emphasized the contrast, stating, “Africa don’t got this shit,” signaling his belief that Africa offers a safer and more secure environment.

“I wanna get citizenship in Ghana!!!! America is made to tear black men down if you don’t follow orders! Africa don’t got this shit. I’m getting dual citizenship if they let me!” the rapper declared on his social media platform.

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